Have you ever thought about earning some money renting out your holiday property while you are not using it?

Our New Renting department is going to handle all the process concerning the renting of your property including the legal and tax process

After getting a lot of requests from our clients to offer this service, we are glad to announce that Noramar has created a new department concerning the renting out of our clients’ properties.
We are going to use the best rental portals for short-term vacation rentals and we will take care of everything to let you get some extra income renting out your property with no worries.
At the same time for the clients they manage the bookings for themselves we are offering the rest of the package concerning the rental services resting the search of the guests


– The first step is to register your property in the Valencia’s Tourism Register Office.
The new LAW 15/2018 from 7th of June has changed the rules concerning the renting out of the holiday properties.
This is why our legal department will make sure that your property is registered and has got the official number needed according with the Law.

– After your apartment is properly registered we can start publishing your house in the rental portals and we will be ready to manage the bookings.

– Our rental department team will have a meeting with you at the apartment you want to rent out. They will explain you every single detail about the renting process and then a contract will be signed by both parties once an agreement has been reached.

The partnership between the client and Noramar can be concluded as soon as the client is not happy with our service and they want to end it.

– Our professional team will take pictures of your apartment and the surrounding areas.
The best pictures will be published in the rental portals with an appropriate text describing your apartment, the accommodation you offer and the attractions of the Costa Blanca area.

– Our team speaks English, Norwegian, French and Spanish.

– Finally, and before publishing the property we would talk about the plans you have to stay at home and the plans you have to rent out your property.
Then when every single detail is clear we can start managing the booking.

– One of the members of Noramar team will be in your apartment for the check out when your guests are leaving your apartment.
Immediately our cleaning staff will start cleaning up the property and preparing the house for new guests or for the owners if they wish to use the property.

– Our cleaning staff will be available to do a perfect job in a very short time after the check out to prepare the apartment for the check in of the new guests.

– Noramar is in contact with plumbers, electricians, water companies, building workers…and will try to fix any problem that could be caused by your guests while using your apartment.
Our team will have daily contact with your guests in case the need any advice or any help from us.

– Finally our legal department will advise you about the rental tax to be paid for the incomes received and will present the taxes in the Spanish Tax Office


All contact with guests is managed by us. It is likely that before a booking is made, the guests will have different questions regarding the apartment, general accommodation conditions or the area.

We inform them about everything before and during the time they are using your property.
One member of our team will be at your place to welcome the guests to their holidays’ accommodation and to explain everything important they need to know or answer any questions they might have.
It is very important for us that your guests feel like at home while staying in your house.
During their stay your guests always have the opportunity to contact us to get any advice or any help.
Every time we get a booking from our rental portals we inform our clients about the new guests including the number of guests, names, days and booking price.


This is one of the most important matters about our service.

The rentals portal we are using let your guests leave a review of their stay.
These reviews are registered and ranked by the rental portals and the bests properties in the ranking are getting many more bookings than the rest and with an advantage in the price rates.

Our service then is reflected in the bookings your properties receive.
This is why we are going to offer the best service we can and then the reviews of your guests will evaluate our service.


We are using different tools to analyze the rental rates for the properties.
Property location and area, comparison with hotels and other properties prices or the percentage of bookings during the time the apartment is going to be rented are just some of the factors that we are checking before establishing the rental rates.

Our decision on rental rates is of course different with every property and factors like the conditions of the accommodation, number of beds available, distance to the beach, attractions in the area… All these factors and others are important elements to be evaluated by our team beforehand.

For all the services described before and more, Noramar charges 20% of the rental income as the cost for our services.

For the clients who are manage their own bookings the Noramar charges will be different and it will be individual for each client.

If you are interested in our new renting service or you want to get more information about it please send us an email to: