Time to present the non-resident tax

As you know all the non-resident people who has a property in Spain has to present every year the annual tax report to the Spanish Tax office.
There are two different and important moments that everyone needs to know.
First of all the non-resident people can present the annual-tax from January 1st to December 20th. It means that from Noramar we have all the year for make our work and present our client´s taxes and this is exactly what we do.
The second important time is the moment when the Spanish Tax Office take the money directly from your bank account and this happens at the end of the year at December 31th.
What happens if the Spanish Tax Office try to take the money from your bank account and you have not enough money in your account to pay the annual tax?
In this case the Tax office will put a fine to you and will claim you not only the tax that has not been paid, also the fine that normally is the 20% extra and is growing up if the debt is not paid
In Noramar as your tax representative in Spain we will get the letters in your name and will contact you to pay as soon as possible the debt.
For this reason is very important to have every year enough money in the bank account to pay the taxes to the Spanish Tax Office otherwise They will claim to you.

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Do you want to earn some money renting out your property in Spain?

Spain is a country which many people want to visit and spend holidays in.
Tourists come trying to find a good place for resting, enjoying the good weather, the beaches, the food, etc. But sometimes it is too expensive to book a hotel and especially when is a big family who comes for holidays.
This is the main reason why tourists who are renting properties here for some weeks to spend the holidays with their families also do not spend so much money in hotels.
For this reason it is a good idea for the non-resident people who have a property in Spain to put their properties to rent when they are not using them.

There are important things that you must know if you want to put your property to rent.
You need to get an official number from the Valencia´s Government which says that your house is registered and ready to be rented. You can get a fine if this register has not been done.

You have to report every three months to the Spanish tax office the time that your property has been rented and also the incomes you got for this. At the same time the costs that you had during the time the apartment was rented have to be reported to the authorities. The amount to be paid as a rental tax is 19% of the benefits that you earned.

Finally, there is another good point to rent out your property. The days that the apartment is rented will be deducted at the end of the year when it is the moment to present the non-resident annual tax.

From Noramar we can handle all of this work for you as tax advisers and help you with our experience.
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How important is to sign a testament in Spain?

The Spanish inheritance process is slow and difficult sometimes.
You wouldn’t like that after your passing, your relatives had problems to inherit your properties and assets in Spain, would you?
When you don´t have a will signed here the paperwork after is much harder and slower and sometimes there may be problems.
So from Noramar we recommend to all our clients to sign a testament to protect their properties and their relatives at the same time.
Our legal advisers will prepare the will according and respecting the Law of your home country and the Spanish Law and of course according to your wish.
Then we will get the legal stamp from the Public Notary which is an obligation according to the Spanish Law.

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