Time to present the non-resident tax

As you know all the non-resident people who has a property in Spain has to present every year the annual tax report to the Spanish Tax office.
There are two different and important moments that everyone needs to know.
First of all the non-resident people can present the annual-tax from January 1st to December 20th. It means that from Noramar we have all the year for make our work and present our client´s taxes and this is exactly what we do.
The second important time is the moment when the Spanish Tax Office take the money directly from your bank account and this happens at the end of the year at December 31th.
What happens if the Spanish Tax Office try to take the money from your bank account and you have not enough money in your account to pay the annual tax?
In this case the Tax office will put a fine to you and will claim you not only the tax that has not been paid, also the fine that normally is the 20% extra and is growing up if the debt is not paid
In Noramar as your tax representative in Spain we will get the letters in your name and will contact you to pay as soon as possible the debt.
For this reason is very important to have every year enough money in the bank account to pay the taxes to the Spanish Tax Office otherwise They will claim to you.

Please if you have some questions about the non-resident taxes or other matters please contact us directly by facebook or in our email: info@noramar.es
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