Are you thinking about buying or selling a house in Spain? We can represent you.

The property market is living the best moment after the huge economic crisis that the world
lived some years ago.
The number of sales have increased and the optimism vision for the Spanish Economy is
making that the record of the properties sales has almost reached the numbers of 2008.
In the moment you are ready to buy or sell a property in Spain, the most important thing is to
be safe and to have the situation under control.
Even if you are using a Real Estate Agency for the process, it is very important that a legal
representative check that everything is correct concerning the property you want to buy or sell
and represents you in all the process.
There are many different tasks to make before, during and after to buy or sell a house in Spain:
– Check that the property is correctly registered in the land registered and there is not
any illegal construction in the building.
– Confirm that the property has the obligatory habitability license to be sold.
– Check that there are no debts concerning the taxes, electricity, water or Community
– Representing our clients in the Public Notary and check that the legal documents are
correct and everything is right.
– Being at the same time Tax Representative, presenting the taxes concerning the
purchase or sale of the property.
– Etc.
This is why is very important to have a legal professional who represents you in the whole
In Noramar we are experts in purchases and property sales representation and we have been
doing this job for more than ten years.
Another interesting thing is that we work representing our clients with a power of attorney (
Fulmakt) which means that our clients have not to be care about anything. They can buy or sell
a property even staying in their countries because all the process can be made for our
professional legal advisers

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We are in Avenida Escandinavia 72, Noramar, local 8, in Gran Alacant (Santa pola), Alicante.

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