Are you non-resident in Spain? This is all you need to know about your taxes obligations

All the non-resident people in Spain must pay two taxes at least and in some cases even three.

1. IBI ( Impuesto sobre bienes inmuebles)
– IBI is a municipal tax that must be paid for all the people who has properties in Spain. This is the same obligation for the resident and non-resident people.
– This tax must be paid directly to the town hall where your property belongs or sometimes SUMA is the office which manages the payments.
– The amount to be paid as a municipal tax depends of the value of your property or “valor catastral”.

– This is an obligation coming from the Spanish Tax office for all the non-resident people who has a property in Spain.
– The time to be paid this annual tax is at the end of the year (31th of December).
– The amount to be paid as a tax it will be also depending of the value of the property making a calculation according to the Spanish Tax Law.
– When the annual non-resident tax has not been presented and paid The Spanish Tax office will put a penalty and sanctions to you and your properties. This is why from Noramar we recommend to have a Tax Representative like we are to make all the tax work in your name.

– When you have a property in Spain and you are interested in renting out your property the time you are not using it, you must know that there is a rental tax to present and pay.
– The incomes that you get renting out your property must be reported to the Spanish Tax office. At the same time all the expenses that you have had in your property for the time the apartment has been rented (insurance, municipal tax, electricity, water, internet, etc.) we can use it for reduce the amount to be paid as a tax.
-Finally the god point is that all the days that the apartment has been rented will be using for not to pay the annual non-resident tax return. So if the apartment has been rented 6 months in the year, during this time the annual non-resident tax not will be paid at the end of the year.

Please come to visit us to our office and our legal and tax experts will inform you about any doubt you have about the taxes